South West Rocks Dune Care

Volunteering with South West Rocks Community Dune Care

How to participate

New members/ volunteers are more than welcome to participate with the continuous regeneration and restoration of our coastal dunes and bushland areas. We are always happy to welcome new volunteers with no obligation to join the group permanently. We understand people have busy lives, and some volunteers only come once or twice a year. We’re happy with that – even an hour or two can make a big difference.You don’t need to know anything about native plants and weeds, as training is provided. Volunteers will be walking through the dunes, plucking bitou bush seedlings, removing lantana and other weeds which inhibit the growth of native plants.

Gloves, tools and training will be provided onsite by our experienced members.


If you’d like to try your hand at Dune Care, please wear enclosed shoes or boots (not sandals), long pants, long sleeves, sunscreen, insect repellent, a hat and take water. 


South West Rocks Dune Care Volunteers heading in to regenerate the dunes


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